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"For the sake of the families of the 880 men who died, our government should make clear that Captain McVay was not responsible in any way, technically or morally, for the death of their loved ones."

From statement submitted at September 1999 Senate hearing by Richard A. Paroubek, USS Indianapolis survivor

Second Watch

Second Watch is an organization formed by the family members, friends and supporters of the men of the USS Indianapolis. They are dedicated to the promotion of citizenship and patriotism and remembering what America is about.

If you are interested in becoming a member and becoming involved in their activities click here to print out a membership form. You may contact the second watch via email at: IndySecondWatch@yahoo.com

Mission Statement
Although the USS Indianapolis CA35 died at sea, the memory of her crew lives. Through the efforts of the USS Indianapolis (CA35) Second Watch, the memory of the Indianapolis will be preserved; her history, story, feeling and experiences shared.