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The Ship

The heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, CA 35, was commissioned in November, 1932. It saw its first combat of World War II in the South Pacific Theater in February, 1942. The Indianapolis became the flag ship for the 5th Fleet and it saw extensive combat duty in the South Pacific, receiving ten battle stars for action in numerous engagements

Ten Battle Stars

Gilbert Islands

Marshall Islands


Western Caroline

Japanese Home Islands

Okinawa Gunto

USS Indianapolis Specifications

Length overall-610 ft.,3-3/4 in. [584 ft. at the waterline
Extreme breadth [beam] -66 ft., 5/8 in.

Projection forward of forward perpendicular - 18 ft., 3 in.

Projection aft of after perpendicular - 3/4 in.

Draft above bottom of keel (no load) - 19 ft., 5-1/2 in. [24 ft. loaded]

Treaty displacement 10,000 tons. [9,950 tons standard displacement]

U.S.S. IndianapolisPowered by eight White-Forster type boilers and four sets of geared Parsons turbines driving four out-turning propellers, the ship has a plant designed to develop 1-7,000 horsepower at 366 R.P.M. and to attain a speed of 32.7 knots [37.6 statute m.p.h.]. The builders were successful in meeting the requirements set, for the ship,and at trials at sea, exceeded the speed demanded in the contract. 

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