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USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
Second Watch Membership Form

You may contact the second watch via email: IndySecondWatch@yahoo.com

Mission Statement
Although the USS Indianapolis CA35 died at sea, the memory of her crew lives. Through the efforts of the USS Indianapolis (CA35) Second Watch, the memory of the Indianapolis will be preserved; her history, story, feeling and experiences shared..

Please Print and Mail Form

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Membership Contributions

  $25 per individual (2 year membership fee)

Other: Any amount received above $25 will be considered a donation, and will be greatly appreciated!

Please make checks payable to the Second Watch Organization

Submit this form and your dues to:

Second Watch Treasurer
Carol Gwinn Burnside

1791 Lane Creek Road
Bogart, GA 30622

*Please make copies of this form and complete for each additional family member joining